Hello world!

I’m Lisa Bovard and welcome to my web site Vibrational-Clarity.  I am a intuitive counselor, psychic medium, and tarot reader. To say something about myself, my life has been a spiritual experience even in my early years I was aware of guiding presences and dream communication.  I could see spirits and they would talk to me. Also, I felt a keen kinship with all living things recognizing the Divine in all life. And there was a lot of alone time for this to develop. Everything happens in Divine order. The right mentor at the right time. My shamanic background began as a child, oddly with a deformity, a medical condition, and a near drowning event. My shamanic expression is in the Quro tradition, a Peruvian Inkan path. I have been a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher for a number of years now. But, perhaps my greatest good is in the everyday walk of life. Helping where it is needed most. And maintaining my high vibrational connection to my guides, of course!

April 8, 2019

We have all chosen to be here in a ever changing mix of perfection and brokenness. This potentiality makes us interesting! And naturally leads to variety in our experience which in turns leads to the possibility of expansion.

Whether we choose to act on this at the moment or not.  This potential is our inherent contrast. It is why we came here and leads to that place inside us where galaxies open, our own bit of magical stardust.