March 1, 2021-

I had a unique experience sitting with Lisa Bovard, Physical Medium, during trance. We were sitting in a darkened room and as Lisa began, several faces showed up over her face. But then a face that reminded me of a flapper with a short hairstyle appeared in her chest looking up at her. It didn’t stay too long, but long enough for me to tell her. What an amazing experience.   Erica Petersohn

November 11, 2020-

If you are wondering who would be a good person to learn from, or simply would like someone to help you with your metaphysical connection or energy needs, I would highly recommend Lisa Bovard.  I was introduced to Lisa through a friend, took a private trance mediumship class, and experienced tremendous results.  Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about energy, connections, various concepts, tools, and methods.  We dove into areas of trance mediumship which were new to me, and I am not sure who but Lisa I would trust to immerse myself into this level of training.  What I enjoyed most about learning from Lisa was her style and approach which is to understand where you are at energetically at that moment in time, and then tailor that day’s lesson to align to your energy levels so that we were able to achieve optimum results during that lesson.  More importantly, after each lesson and after the class was over, Lisa provided some homework assignments of next steps in order to help me explore and grow.  The results of my experience were my abilities jumped up or were elevated beyond my expectations, and I received a whole bunch of knowledge, meditations, and exercises, to apply in my daily real world practicing and development efforts.  Yes I would highly recommend Lisa Bovard for your metaphysical needs.

John Ruppel, Raleigh NC

April 19, 2019- I experienced a delightful healing session with Lisa. She is very knowledgeable and loves what she does, which shows in her kind and caring demeanor. I have also had a reading with Lisa. She is the real deal, absolutely amazing psychic. She hit on everything I was thinking about without me saying a word. I could not be happier with her healing sessions and readings. You will not be disappointed. Teresa B, Winston- Salem, NC

January 1, 2019-Lisa is the real deal! With her genuine heart, witty sense of humor and undeniable connection to Spirit, Lisa delivered readings that were spot on for what was happening in my life, touched on areas that were challenging in a way that shone a light of potential in a way only she could. Whether it be our in person reading or via the phone, what a delight she is to work with. Great fun and truly inspiring. Thank you Lisa, I feel blessed to know you,to be a client and a friend.  Jen tamm    Winsted Ct.

April 14, 2018-  Very accurate. She said a lot of things that stood out to me about my future and a lot of things she knew what was to come. I don’t even think she realized how dead on she was! Albert Smith,  Milwaukee

April 9, 2018-My focus was career. I really enjoyed my read.Tonya, Albany

April 6, 2018-We have spoken three times and each time she nails specific details with her Tarot cards. I feel very comfortable knowing things that are in my future. The details of the first call already became reality. That is a gold mine-very impressive. We have spoken three times and each time she nails specific details with her Tarot cards. I feel very comfortable knowing things that are in my future. The details of the first call already became reality. That is a gold mine-very impressive. Cinthya Jackson, Los Vegas

March 26, 2018 –  Wow, The best I have spoken to. Lisa picks up so fast, doesn’t waste time. She connects so quickly. Gave me so much positive insight and picked up on expansion and moving. She made my day.T.H. Bronx

March 31, 2018- Exceptional! Picked up a lot without me saying a word-T.H. Bronx

March 22, 2018-I wanted details on career and boy was she fast! We had only a 10 minute reading but she flew through the cards before I even asked questions. She was specific and details on timing and results. Thank you very much I definitely will call again. Katherine Ogdon, Morton grove

March 17, 2018-Loved her. She is fast, accurate as to what I feel. Didn’t waste time and did not talk about her own issues it was all about me.Barbara, Lillian

March 13, 2018-Love the reading! Will call back soon. Thank You! Cherisse Jones, Lithonia

February 26, 2018-Lisa gave me clarity when I was uncertain of my love life.J.M. Hinkley

February 11, 2018-Lisa started her reading right away. I was afraid since it was my first time speaking to her that she would take longer getting my energy. She immediately connected with me and my current situation. She is very detailed and straight forward. I feel great peace after our connection. Thank you for the clarity.Nell Bowman, Gotha, Germany.

February 1, 2018-She is great!. Marian, Columbia

Ann Reid, Lancaster, PA

Lisa Bovard is a gifted and accomplished healer with extensive training in spiritual and intuitive healing, shamanism and Reiki. She created a healing energy shift in clients as soon as she comes into their space. Her energy is warm and intense, but calming and tremendously healing and tremendously effective.

Ann Reid, RN MA

Reiki Master

Founder and Chapter Leader

Lancaster, PA American Holistic Nurses’ Association