About Durdana

webcam-toy-photo3My main, defining work is as a writer. I write for DailyOM and other media outlets. I am also a professional book publisher and  offer book writing as a healing tool for people who wish to use writing as a healing opportunity. That program allows people to benefit from Reiki attunements for connecting to their Higher Self, meditation coaching and chakra optimizing.

I often depend on Ladder of Consciousness, based on Dr. David Hawkins’ teachings to help clients. Aalso work with healing relationship issues: parent-child, sibling, spouse, co-worker, etc. Aside from helping heal relationships, I also help with life, business and health challenges which in one form are due to relationship to self or Source.

If you would like a brief, 15-minute free distance healing session, please subscribe to my newsletter (right hand side) with the following information:

1. Name

2. Location

3. Nature of the challenge

Donations are welcome. You can also buy a 60-minute session for $80.


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