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What do you call a 6-years-old who enjoys making custom designed journals? Or reviewing stories from their point of view rather than what the Middle Grade teacher expected in a classroom setting? Or being compelled to transcribe an original story heard while an older sister entertained her group of children ranging from 6-months old to 7-year-old about a dog who found the Genie and could get his three wishes granted?

Not knowing that there were specific terms that described all that I enjoyed doing: creative writing, researching, interviewing, creating “what if” scenes, story analysis, preserving the narrator’s “voice”, I continued to work on my word-less skills. Until, I reached college years.

Armed with innate as well as academically-induced writing skills, it has been a privilege to help:

  • 5 authors pen their books as a ghostwriter
  • 25 authors polish their manuscript as an editor
  • 400 authors with self publish and market their book’s message

Now I would like to offer my skills to benefit you – the keep of a story that deserves to be told. A story that could impact the word positively…

Work With Me

All session are through a phone meeting, so I can record our interviews. It include transcribing and light research or fact checking, if needed.

You can purchase packages to suit your book needs:


Free Trial



Sample Block

2 Phone Meetings

Up to 1,500 words

Book Strategy 

Story Mapping


10 Phone Meetings

Up to 10,000 words

2 Revisions


20 Phone Meetings

Up to 20,000 words

3 Revisions

2 Beta Readers


30 Phone Meetings

Up to 40,000 words


4 Beta Readers


Have you ever had a gnawing feeling that something was not right in your life or you felt out of place?

In order to solve these questions, you might have looked up to your family members to shed some light. You might have also tried several strategies like counselling, praying, etc, that gave some relief; maybe you felt only one piece of the puzzle was generated through whatever strategy that was used. Now you have to find 309 other missing pieces through other strategies to get answers to your questions.

In such scenarios, Akashic Journaling might be a helpful tool.