About Durdana

webcam-toy-photo3I am an intuitive relationship and energy healer. Having healthy, sustainable relationships with people we want requires focusing on several factors: time and space, intentions, expectations, desired results, communication…Another factor to consider is that since we are spiritual beings first and foremost, then a physical being, it makes sense to weave into your point of view some basic relationship rules at Soul level before you layout your wishes to improve your relationships in the physical realty.

The reason I have consciously chosen how I serve humanity is due to my own past life regression experiences. The one main common theme was discontentment over my personal relationships with my family.

I use the following modalities in my work to help clients:

1. Chi and Reiki

2. Chakra balancing

3. Akashic Records, accessing Book of Life and also Past Life Analysis using at least 15 of your past lives to help you with 3 main challenges in your life.

4. Ladder of Consciousness

5. Guided meditation

6. Writing as a healing tool

I work with parent-child, sibling, spouse, co-worker and other relationship challenges. Aside from helping heal relationships, I also help with life, business and health challenges which in one form are due to relationship to self or Source.

If you would like a brief, 20-minute free trial, please email me at durdana @ durdana.com with the following information:

1. Name

2. Location

3. Nature of the challenge

Donations are welcome. You can also buy a 60-minute session for $80: https://squareup.com/market/carypress/minute-healing-session


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