Dreams Our Divine Messages

Throughout the history of mankind the Divine has spoken to us in dreams and visions.  Some sacred texts speak of dreams and waking visions on the same breath. That is each are of equal importance or of the same weight. The dreams world is a fertile time for clues and messages as to the state of our inner world. We have only to look inside our dreams to awaken to a fuller life. Armed with our individual symbols a dream or vision is like a story unfolding that tells itself. 

According to the Kabbalah, an ancient Hebrew text meaning; that which ones receives from inner gazing, teaches a lot about dreams…having them and interpreting them. The Kabbalah indicates that dream interpretation is a delicate matter.  Yet, critically important that our dreams receive interpretation if we are to learn from them. As it is said in the Essential  Zohar and I quote ” A dream that is not understood is like a letter unopened. Dreaming is not only about what we do when we are asleep but about waking up to a deeper life by remembering and navigating from our sacred space. If we do not remember the dream, it is as if one had never known it. Therefor, whoever forgets a dream and does not know it, will not benefit from its full fulfillment”. So the author is saying that having a good dream and not opening the letter then that dream and all its potential, all the positive may not manifest,  loses it punch, goes stagnant. Which is worrisome enough but a bad dream unopened might be a missed point of correction. Perhaps the very reason for being in the physical plane was to address this very issue. When a negative circumstance is unresolved  in the external world, and in our inner self, and the inner self stays unchanged-unresolved then there is an opening for negativity to develop. Perhaps as disease. What we picture in the mind eventually appears in the body. A good example of” as above, so below”. If a dream is acknowledged, the letter opened then it is a gift of life energy we receive from source. We open the gift, are transformed, grace comes to us by having the dream gift. And in our very transformation in receiving and opening, this dreams becomes an offering we give back to the universe *Dreams and Spiritual Growth.  And to share this with you friends, save your dreams. Write them down, record the date. Give them a title ask yourself what title does this dream want?  I have years of dreams in notebooks stacked neatly under my bed. Once a year I do a review and I am always shocked at how much prophesy for the future is there. But one has to look. Open the mail and look inside. 

Historically and spiritually our dreams are divine messages. They are an opportunity for us to open our inner sacred space. In doing so we raise our consciousness, increase awareness and add richness to our lives.

Amidst the busy world take time to savor the daydream. Allow the vision. Record your dreams. Always open your mail…your dreams. Spirit has something to say to you.

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