Services and Payment

There are differences in the services I provide as I  have different gifts that are interchangeable and overlap. Reiki Healing is a traditional transmission of universal energy where I act as a conduit directing the energy to a person, pet, place or event, in this moment (real time) or the past.

Shamanic Healing often starts like Reiki and while in the flow of energy my spirit guides come in to assist in the healing. I become their hands. As example: I my be shown a past life event  that is still present in the clients auric field obstructing energy, requiring release. Perhaps a thought pattern that does not serve anymore, and then clear that away. Whatever is needed the goal is to return to homeostasis. Often in this state my breathing is audible and I may use crystals, feathers or sound to move energy. Replace what was lost. Make room for light to come in.

While I’m in this altered sacred state ascended beings, my guides  and other spiritual energies give me images and messages that are helpful for the client. This is referred to as Psychic messages, like clairvoyance, precognition…

Likewise, the guides may bring the spirits of the clients departed loved ones. These communications are the departed loved ones wishing to connect to their loved one still in the living. This is called Medium-ship. I act as a bridge for the client to the spirit world. I use the term Intuitive counselor as a container for Mediumship and Psychic messages.

Tarot/Psychic-Medium-Readings mix and add purchase by time increments.

Payment is required at the time of service. Paypal –  use my link PayPal.Me/vibrational-clarity or Venmo Lisa-Bovard, receive receipt by email. or square, email me at or call: 919-961-8149.  Cash also accepted. 


  • Psychic/medium reading or tarot, full 30 minutes $85.00
  • Trance and Channeling are arranged on individual basis.
  • Psychic-medium reading, 15 to 20 minutes for $40.00
  • Circle group readings $50:00 per person -pyschic-medium-guides
  • Mediumship coaching-5 weeks intensive; $500.00 or 100.00 a week.
  • Trance  Class 5 weeks $200.00
  • Mediumship coaching-Six months, $2,300.
  • Mediumship coaching-3 months, $1,200.00
  • Wheel  class-Earth Arts. available
  • Physical Medium seance $150.00 a sitting for group.


  • Shamanic Healing$100.00 one hour- startes like Reiki, opens to universal field, includes initial interview, and psychic intuitive counseling.
  • Reiki Healing- $80.00- 45 minutes. includes 15 minutes psychic intuitive counseling.
  • Reiki only no psychic message $75.00-30 minutes.
  • Remote or Distance Healing- $75.00-30 minutes. 
  • House clearing-starting $75.00-small house, apt.       
  • Cord cutting-$125.00
  • Journey work- starting $125.00               
  • Reiki 1 attunment: $150.00 I offer instruction to those called to heal and will “seed” the sacred Reiki symbols in an attunement. This is an hands on download that is forever. It increases the capacity for healing like increased electrical amperage. A structured class is provided taught in three levels. Techniques are given and practiced for all the transmission points, on and off the body. A manuel is provided for reference and historical background  with a note to ethical considerations. Exercises for recognizing and building energy. Meditation to connect to guides and sacred places.
  • Reiki 2 attunment: $150.00 Usually, this is given one month after a first attunement. Here is where healing the past and remote healing is introduced. Manual included and practice time.
  • Reiki 3 attunment alone: $300.00 I will give this attunement  three months after the second attunement. The Master symbol is given at this time.
  • Reiki 3 Master/Teacher: $800.00. Includes year mentorship.
  • Healings by a written script ( spiritual mind treatment): $35.00, note: given via email or phone. A spiritual mind treatment is a very effective written script like a blessing prayer. It places the client, situation or condition in a positive place of action affirming a forward moving state of being and has a magnetic drawing capacity all it’s own .
  • I can be contacted by my email: or phone  919-961-8149.
  •  Sessions are available in  person in my home office or can be scheduled in your home/office/venue or via phone. Look for me with my mobile appearances outreach, in the Washington D.C. and Maryland areas.
  • Reiki: for pets: $55.00 for thirty minutes. Prefer to be in clients home for treatment.
  • Reiki Attunment refresher: $75.00