About Lisa Bovard

My name is Lisa Bovard and welcome to my web site! It is my life path to be a bridge for communication between the veils, raise energy in those who need it and in the natural world around us.  I am making change  for the better, to smooth and integrate energy which I am in tuned to vibrationally. This is done as a healer intentionally, by direct communication with spirits and instructionall y to a wide audience whether I serve as Reiki master/Teacher, Shaman or as  Psychic/Medium and tarot reader. My goal is to help others help themselves and then we can help our world.

We are of energy. We move, live, create from this expansive state. Energy, energy, energy, that is all there is, universal life force.

Science identify’s and measures this force. Some well known names in this field are Albert Einstein, Michael Farraday and Nikola Tesla to name a few. Theologians work with this energy as God or Divine Energy. Yogis and eastern traditions move the force and call it prana or Qi. Native cultures live within its sacred hoop, hence the Shaman. This is the life force.  A frequency of energy seen and unseen, felt and not felt that is ever present. It transforms and transmutes. We all are of this stardust. Truly, we are one shared thread of Godstuff.