Hire a Ghostwriter

As an experienced ghostwriter, listening is a crucial skill. I pay attention to word choice, the way people speak, etc. This helps me preserve your “voice”.

Aside from active listening and channeling your vision, I use my cognitive and social empathy to connect with your feelings. Through this skill feelings can be articulated as text content to create an immersive reading experience, and allow your readers a chance to sense in themselves what you feel.

As far as my work background is concerned, it has been a privilege to help:

  • 5 authors pen their books as a ghostwriter
  • 25 authors polish their manuscript as an editor
  • 406 authors self publish and market their book’s message

I also have book publishing experience. Once the book is done, the transition to publishing process would be seamless. It takes less than 3 weeks to get a book published and available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc. After that your book’s message can be promoted through book marketing campaigns involving public relatining, SEO, social media management and book signing events.

I would like to offer my skills to help tell your story that could impact the world positively.

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